We Made A Working Boat With The Create Mod

We Made a Working Yacht with the CREATE Mod! Yes indeed, and we actually did it! If you enjoy be sure to leave a suggestion in the comments and subscribe :)

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What is the Create mod?
Create is a mod created by simibubi that allows you to make contraptions and automate processes using rotational power. It adds many additional components to the game. This mod has good optimization and FPS, so it can be played on nearly any computer! It is used on the CogChamp SMP with members 5up Tubbo, Fundy, Ranboo, Awesamdude, and Cuptoast. Some of these also play on the Dream Team SMP. Epic SMP also uses Create mod, with members like SwaggerSouls, Matt Watson, JustaMinx, twomad, Karl Jacobs, Quackity, Traves, Dolan Dark and many more. Today me and Jojo used the same mod they use to create a working airplane in Minecraft!
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