The Mehdi Code One World One Religion True Scince Of Sun Moon And Stars

This video demonstrates how to work with the MEHDI CODE.
It applies here the knowledge of the dimensions in the creation of the heavens and the earth and reveals fascinating facts.

You can find out more information about the Mehdi Code, or the law of division between true and untrue, at:

Here I would like to list the dimensions and their parallel states again.
One should know, however, that only the true states have weight and strength.The untrue state for human perception (body parts / soul) only comes through removing or reducing the state of true This is how the Creator shows himself in his creation. This is so that people may see the benevolence and goodness of their Creator. Creatures find guidance and peace only through truth.

Dimension 1 - Time
Past / future

Dimension 2 - Space
Horzonthal / Wertikal

Dimension 3 - Water
Hard / soft

Dimension 4 - Nature
Non-biological / biological

Dimension 5 - Human
Female / Male

Dimension 6 - Fire
Cold / Hot

Dimension 7 - Hell
Positive / Negative (material)

Dimension 8 - Paradise
Negative / Positive (Non-Material)

Dimension 9 - Energy
Standstill / Move

Zero is not a dimension and is defined in the Mehdi code as the shine of Allah. The zero alone is immeasurable and can mean infinitely small or infinitely large.

Ali Muhammed Abdullah
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