Playing With Jedi Grievous In Battlefront 2 Mod



Jedi Grievous download link:

Mods used:

-Rey Face Touch Up:

-Rey Duel of the Fates:

-Movie Accurate Obi-Wan Kenobi:

-ROTJ Luke Skywalker:

-Zatmospheric Lighting:

-Screen Accurate Lightsabers:

-No droid announcer in HVV:

-Improved Palpatine:

-Dialogue Enhancement Suite:

-Princess Leia Organa Overhauled

-Smaller Hud:

-Better Force lightning:

-The Rescue - Luke Skywalker:

-Padme with Naboo Blaster:

-Battlefront 4 Darth Vader:

-Accurate Hero Height:

-GameModeInfo and Improved Starcard Loadouts:


-Commander Cody

-Vader's Arsenal:

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