Jothe Jotheyali Kannada Serial Zee Kannada

Jothe jotheyali is a kannada serial telecasting in zee kannada..

Today episode in English ..????????

Firstly here Ramanna questions Arya that why somebody shooted at them,and inspector telling that you only given missing complaint,and we got 2 dead bodies in our land... what's all this..??so Anu questions what..??did we given missing complaint about us...what are you telling..?jhende says don't worry..he will answer to ramanna's arya says to Ramanna that from him he is suffering,so he can take rest but Anu questions how can inspector enquiry about them when she was with Arya sir only,so jhende convince that that inspector was not good,so already suspended and need not to jhende take Arya away by saying to talk with they both came outside Arya says he knows jhende was angry at the same time jhende slaps Arya and says what did you think about yourself,if u are going outside means u have to inform me first, somebody knowing about that and playing games means it is not acceptable,so Arya says he have a separate life,he have to feel it with Anu,so jhende says if you have to enjoy it life means you have to be alive,but Arya questions that y r u showing angry on this anger on Jalandhar and finish him,so jhende tells you only said not to do this type bad activities last time,but Arya says now I am saying to do that..but jhende tells that that is not possible, bcoz Jalandhar telling that you have to surrender by telling that what happens before 21 years back,by hearing this Arya says did he asking all that things means from now onwards I will give answer to him,it is enough that he is attacking on him than you would saving me all are enough... further says that is was playing games I am in silence he should know what happens if Arya gets from now Jalandhar is not a enemy to you jhende he is enemy to this Arya...????????????


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