Henry Stickmin Vs Boyfriend In Friday Night Funkin Minecraft Fnf Mod

Henry Stickmin competes against Boyfriend in this Minecraft Friday Night Funkin Mod episode! But Girlfriend finds out some bad news which alters the timeline and we meet Charles Calvin, Ellie Rose and Henry.EXE! This is an epic Friday Night Funkin animation video in Minecraft with Roleplay!


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✨ Credit:
Instagerm, Enzodragon1, KistunePhoenix, GG Nic, Iceburn108, Bhreezy, Morty
Edited by: AustinIsALemur

???? Chapters:
0:00-0:16 : Henry Stickmin Logic
0:16-1:01 : Break In Song
1:01-3:45 : Daddy Calls...
3:45-4:51 : Midnight Song
4:51-6:28 : Something Bad Happens...
6:28-8:08 : Where Are We?
8:08-9:03 : Bold Action Song
9:03-9:39 : Girlfriend Finds Out...
9:39-10:33 : Heavily Armed Song
10:33-11:36 : Captured
11:36-12:31 : Spazzmatica Song
12:31-13:23 : Trapped
13:23-14:03 : Memelord Song
14:03-16:55 : Reuniting with an Enemy...
16:55-17:50 : RHSE Song (Sonic Endless)
17:50-21:47 : So what's next?

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???? Friday Night Funkin' is a popular rap battle game! With Boyfriend against other various characters like Whitty, Trollge, Flippy, Tankman, Daddy Dearest, Bob, Flippy and more!

???? Music provided by EpidemicSound. This video is intended for a universal audience. Both kids and adults can enjoy this video!
The game Minecraft is for all ages and this video is intended for ALL ages to enjoy, not just for kids!

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