Friday Night Funkin Vs Herobrine Creepypasta Full Week Demo Fnf Mod Hard Friday Night Cursin

Friday Night Cursed: VS Herobrine is a Friday Night Funkin’ mod featuring another creepypasta character – this time Herobrine from Minecraft. Herobrine creepypasta spreaded throughout the Internet and appeared in countless mods, maps, story arcs, fanfics, videos, theories, songs, webcomics and books, becoming so popular that his existence was acknowledged by Mojang, even making cameos in some promotional artwork. In this demo, we will have 2 songs (Recreated & Danger) in 2 difficulties: Hard and Hardcore. Hardcore mod is way harder than Hard in term of charting and mechanic. Not only it has many Trap Note (damage note) but you can’t miss even one note or your game will shut down. I’m playing in Hard difficulty. The music is already very good and I can’t wait for the full week to come out, hopefully with some stories. Enjoy!

Creator’s Note:

BF and GF are roaming through the forest and they stumble across an entity know as Herobrine, blinded by the anger of beign forgotten by his own brother. Will BF survive Herobrine's fury, or will he collapse?
Updates soon to come!

00:00 Danger Song Preview (Herobrine vs BF)
00:09 Intro & Menu
00:19 Recreated Song (Herobrine vs BF)
2:06 Danger Song (Herobrine vs BF)
5:07 Trap Note & Game Over Screen
5:16 Hardcore Mode Preview
5:26 Outro

Friday Night Cursed: Vs. Herobrine (DEMO|0.0.1)

Key Authors
SmokeCannon - Musician and owner
Slimemoreno17 - Musician
Z11Gaming - Musician
indigoUan - Programmer
Dylan - Artist
Select - Artist
TiagoFuzionPoco - Artist
OjogadorAnimador - Animator
Special Thanks
Cape Funkin - Charter
#FNFMod #Creepypasta #VSHerobrine
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