Friday Night Funkin Hd Mod Week 5 Update Full Week Cutscenes Fnf Hd Mod Hard Date Week

This is another test to see how the algorithm works. All of this feels weird. I never do this kind of style.

What's up guys, PghLFilms with another video here and TODAY!!! We are playing Friday Night Funkin' HD. Week 5 HD is now out with a whole new story which I am very excited about. Enjoy the video. :)

00:00 Menu
01:03 Beginning Cutscene
03:34 Cocoa
05:36 Mid Cutscene
07:38 Eggnog
09:17 Boyfriend's Nightmare
10:09 Winter-Horrorland
12:25 End Cutscene
13:58 Date Week Beginning Cutscene
15:07 Breaking-Point
18:42 Date Week End Cutscene
19:11 The End

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