Exd 9 Grievous Replacer Mod By Zenger Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Mod will ONLY work on PC, you cannot get mods for consoles, only PC.

Mod Created By Zenger, Grawarr, Timelordsud, DwayneTheRockLobster and sigitsetyawan

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This mod is MP Safe

Grievous Replacer:
- Replaces all Grievous's appearances with EXD-9
- Replaces Grievous's portrait and starcards
- Replaces Grievous's emotes and voice lines with 12+ lines from Rebels
- Removes Grievous's lightsabers
- Replaces Grievous's theme music with theme music from Warhead

Zenger - Audio, Ability Icons, Portrait, FX
Grawarr - Textures
Timelordsud - Rigging
DwayneTheRockLobster - Screenshots, Star Cards
sigitsetyawan - Model

EXD-9 was an E-XD-series infiltrator droid who served the Galactic Empire as a recon droid. Disguised as an RQ protocol droid, EXD-9 was capable of morphing for combat. The droid was assigned to probe the planet Atollon—location of the Phoenix Cell's Chopper Base—for any rebel activity. Lasat rebel soldier Garazeb Orrelios and C1-series astromech droid Chopper found EXD-9 damaged by the krykna spiders in the Atollon wilderness and brought him to their base. Initially forgetting his mission, the recon droid eventually attacked them and the rebels managed to deactivate the droid and sent him back to the Empire after reprogramming him to self-destruct.

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