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Music Credit:
LXST - Exhausted (non copyrighted trap/rap)
Artist: LXST
Song Name: Exhausted
Description: LXST - Exhausted is a trap/rap song, which is ideal for montages and chilling out, with the sad, yet deep vibe.

---Hi, I am Flameorz and I want to be an Esports Content Creator for multiple games like Fortnite, PUBG and Call Of Duty (in future). Along with that I do regular live streams. My mostly content is on Fortnite; just to mention.
Have any complains or copyright claims regarding my content feel free to email me at: community.flameorzgaming /> #Gaming #Esports #PakistanEsports
My Fortnite Name: Flameorz YT
Have any complains or copyright claims regarding my content feel free to email me at: community.flameorzgaming /> _______________________________________________________________________
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