Ark Survival Evolved Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla Mod The Cinematic Experience

Introducing The Cinematic Experience of the Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla fight! Developed by the Titanus Team for ARK: Survival Evolved!

Please do not use any of my footage without permission.

● ARK Actors/Actresses:
▸ Lyrn ▸ BlockBeam ▸ Naeriie ▸ Rexx E.V ▸ Gecko

● My Links:
▸ All In One:

● Video Content:
▸ Titanus Gojira Mod:
▸ MV Mechagodzilla Mod:
▸ Eco's Empires: Matis Mod:
▸ ARK: Survival Evolved:
▸ Music Track: Battle In Boston & Main Theme
▸ Music Composer: Bear McCreary
▸ Music Publisher: WaterTower Music

● Bear McCreary's Links:
▸ Twitter:
▸ Website:
▸ YouTube:
▸ Soundcloud:

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