Alternator Spitfire Care Package Before After Apex Legends Season 10 Shorts

Alternator & spitfire saw massive buffs as they went into the care package becoming very strong new guns on Apex Legends. Lets discuss it and break it down!

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We discuss and break down all of the following: apex legends season 10 alternator, apex legends season 10 spitfire, apex legends spitfire buff, apex legends season 10 alternator disruptor rounds that are coming back into the care package.

This showcases some of the apex legends season 10 alternator buffs because of going into the apex legends care package. This was also covered in the apex legends season 10 patch notes for apex legends emergence.

This is all current today in the apex legends update and is the most recent apex legends season 10 news! This is short to cover those apex legends season 10 weapon changes, season 10, disruptor rounds, apex legends alternator, apex legends spitfire care package, apex legends new
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