14 Theater Of Pain Discipline Priest Fortified Spiteful Grievous Prideful

We missed time by under a minute. Obviously the wipe at the mini gauntlet and the platforms were not good.

UI Issues Fixed in this Video:
Say chat frames obscure too much (elvui general tab, disable background)

UI Issues Still to fix:
Big Wigs bar placement (BIG issue on the last boss in ToP)
OmniCD/Vudhu sizing
A range indicator?
Get more DPS CDs on Vudhu
Find or make a low mana Weak Aura

Make the cast bar bigger
Track Life Grip
Fix CD timing on Shining Force
Potion CD Weak Aura


Prot Pally Fury Warrior MM hunter Destro Lock Disc Priest
Venthyr Discipline Priest
Twin Suns Legendary (Double PI)

00:00 Intro/Prep
00:24 Key Start
01:51 First Boss Afront
04:04 Trash pt 1
10:29 Second Boss Xav
12:16 Trash pt 2 (Platforms)
25:47 Third Boss Kul'tharok
27:10 Trash pt 3
32:38 Fourth Boss Gorechop
35:07 Last Boss Mordretha
37:14 Loot & Wrap Up
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